Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Job

When you are job hunting it can feel like you’re the only one being considered. You have to submit a resume and sell yourself as a candidate. New jobs may not come with a neat, tidy piece of paper outlining the strengths, but there are things to consider beyond benefits and pay. lists the 12 factors to look for in a job other than a paycheck.

  1. It makes a positive difference
    Choose a job that adds value to our world, that leaves it better than you found it, and genuinely helps other people.

  2. You enjoy your co-workers
    Given the fact that you will spend a large percentage of your day at work, be sure you enjoy the people around you.

  3. You feel appreciated and valued
    A paycheck is nice, but that goes straight to the bank. On the other hand, appreciation is something you carry in your soul every day. This appreciation can be communicated through respect, unexpected gifts, or just an old-fashioned “thank-you.”

  4. You are trusted
    It’s nice to know that somebody isn’t always looking over your shoulder. And when you are given a task, you are given the freedom to complete it.

  5. It is something you love to do
    The old adage is completely true, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Look for a job that keeps you motivated by its very nature, not solely by the paycheck – because that wears off real fast.

  6. It fits your personality
    Anyone who has ever taken a personality test knows we all have unique personalities that thrive in certain environments. Some enjoy working with people, others enjoy completing tasks. Some like making the decisions, others don’t. Find a job that fits your sweet spot.

  7. It challenges you to grow
    Look for a job that will make you better and allow you to work hard. Whether through challenging assignments, educational opportunities, demanding excellence, or informal mentors, a job that forces you to grow beyond your current skill set will make you a better person and a better company.

  8. The company’s values align with yours
    At the end of the day, your integrity is what matters most. Don’t compromise it every time you walk into the workplace. If you are at a job that requires you to suspend your personal convictions, you don’t need to be—nor should you be.

  9. A flexible, results-oriented culture
    A culture of flexibility suggests a results-driven focus—one that is more interested in you successfully completing your job with excellence than clocking in a set amount of work hours during a specified time of the day.

  10. It values family
    You value your family. Your job should too.

  11. It brings balance to life
    Work is not so bad when you love it. But if you are not allowed to explore other endeavors (play/hobbies/family) because of its demands, it is not healthy for your soul, life, or body. Find a job that allows you to enjoy your life outside of work too.

  12. It brings you satisfaction
    The ability to look back at your day, your year, or your life with satisfaction is more valuable than any number of digits in the bank.

    Now when you are considering a new job, you’ll have much more to think about before deciding this important next step!