Interactive Maps

Mobile friendly interactive maps connect people to a world of opportunities.

Connect Candidates with Careers

Transform your career page from boring list views of jobs to engaging maps that up-level the candidate experience. 

  • Custom, targeted job maps with the ability to segment by recruiting partners, business units, and more
  • Pay and career progression displays to build trust with candidates
  • Brand and employee stories shown right in the map
  • Simplified application process that captures critical information in mere clicks

Connect Mentors and Mentees

Promote mentorship and facilitate engagement with an interactive mentoring community.

  • Maintain Mentee and Mentor Profiles
  • Protected network access
  • Secure Communication platfrom
Mentoring Map

Connect Students and Alumni

Create an Alumni Community to elevate school connections and share opportunities

  • Student and Alum networking
  • Coaching opportunties
  • Career opportunities for students with Alumni
  • Mentorship
  • Alumni events
Alumni Map

Connect a Community

Connect a community of people based on interests, geography or purpose
  • Associations
  • Clubs
  • Networks
  • Geo-based Sales | Retail
Wrestlers in Business Network

Access to people and opportunities can be life changing.

Interactive maps support a number of use cases to connect people with opportunities, delivering an engaging experience that keeps people coming back for more. It's easy to get started. With one line of code you can transform your web page in minutes. Seamlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems and other data sources.

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