AI-driven analytics solution to enable critical hiring decisions

Built with AI at its core, AtlasJobs consumes vast datasets from disparate data sources including labor market data and integrates the learning with data from client-generated sources. More than a recruitment tool; it’s the future of hiring.

Powered by a neural network with a capacity of over 100 billion parameters, we transform vast data into actionable insights, pushing beyond conventional hiring. Constantly evolving and helping our clients optimize their recruiting, AtlasJobs is true future-proofing. 

Find data-driven success with:

  • State-of-the-art Performance Center, designed to offer real-time insights into your talent acquisition strategy.
  • Intuitive heat map to reveal both the geographic and digital origins of your candidates, helping you understand candidate pathways.
  • Clarity on which recruitment marketing strategies are effective and optimize campaigns for maximum efficacy and cost-efficiency.


One Solution:

Engage, Acquire and Retain Talent