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The fastest way to explore jobs, internships, scholarships, and more from the convenience of a mobile app. 


Easily create a profile using your LinkedIn and Handshake links so more employers can find you, or apply directly on an employer's website.


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We've designed a talent search process that goes beyond resumes and cover letters. Our mobile-first, interactive map amplifies your opportunities to a job seekers around the world.


Get greater exposure for your jobs with pricing that fits every size organization.


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Career Centers

With AtlasJobs, the career fair lives on.


AtlasJobs is a free platform to connect students and employers before, during, and after the career fair event. 


Provide students increased exposure to internships, sponsorships, and entry-level jobs with leading organizations.


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About AtlasJobs

About AtlasJobs

AtlasJobs is a new way to discover, connect with, and hire STEM talent. Informed by over 10 years' experience working with leading STEM-fueled organizations to build a more diverse workforce, AtlasJobs is purpose-built to engage a diverse talent pool where anyone can discover a world of opportunity.